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Jump Start (Men) - 6:30 am

121 North Pecan Street
Muenster, TX 76252
Phone: (940) 759-2772


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The following article was taken (not verbatim) from “Muenster, Texas: A Centennial History 1889-1989.” Published by Muenster Centennial Committee, 1989:  Page 139.

There are perhaps, even today, some who don’t believe in miracles of the evidenced power of God.  One has only to look in Muenster to find evidence of God’s power and of His provision.  First Baptist Church is a clear portrait of God’s undying love for His children.

From the beginning, the odds were against the possibility of establishing a stable Baptist Church in Muenster.  God has moved in mysterious and marvelous ways to do just that; undoubtedly, there are other examples of God’s miraculous power to be found in the history of our town, but the miracle called “First Baptist Church” remains unequaled for many of the people in Muenster.

In 1941, a group of local Baptist citizens started having prayer meetings in their homes.  Some of the leading families were: Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Carson, Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Gallegher, and Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Pierce.  These families started the Bible Baptist Church, the first Protestant church in the history of Muenster in October of 1941.  The first service was attended by 19 people.  In 1942, the church was holding services in the old public school.  By 1943, they were in the planning stages for a church building.

On October 14, 1943, the Bible Baptist Church of Muenster, TX, was officially formed as a corporation by the trustees of the church.  In the same month, the members of the Baptist congregation purchased the Bright Gable Inn, formerly used as a bar and located on West Highway 82.  Many of the people in Muenster helped in the purchase of this building by donating money and supplies as were needed.  The 24’ x 38’ building was bought from Buddy Bernauer.  The building had been moved from its location to the three lots where the present church is now located.  The cost for moving the building was going to be $250.00, but (“Praise the Lord”) Ralph Richardson, a drilling contractor in Muenster, agreed to furnish equipment to help move the building.

Bible Baptist Church
The Bible Baptist Church before the name change to First Baptist and the construction of their present building.

In 1951, the church started a second building program and built the building that is now the fellowship hall.  The older building was moved south of the trailer park and was made into a home.

In 1979, Keith Thomas was called to the church to be full-time on-the-field pastor.  In March 1980, the church purchased a two-bedroom mobile home to be used as a parsonage and Keith and Karen Thomas moved to Muenster.

During the next few months, the church experienced phenomenal growth and soon the present facilities became too small and crowded to handle the church’s needs adequately.  At this time, due to increasing leadership needs, the church called its first associate pastor, Andy Cherry, who was to be in charge of music and youth.

Due to the fact that the Sunday School rooms were now too small to hold everyone, and the auditorium was also full, it became evident that a new worship center would be necessary to provide adequate space and facilities for educational programs as well as meet the needs of the future growth and expansion of the church.  Keith Thomas had a vision that the members of the church would be able to raise the money to construct new facilities.  Under his leadership, a “Together We Build” program was instituted.  Under this program, all members who would like to participate were asked to pledge a weekly gift for a period of three years over and above their regular tithes.  This would allow the church to be paid for in a period of three years, thus saving over $400,000.00 in interest when compared to 30 year’s financing.  One fundamental principle was stressed: Not equal gifts but equal sacrifice, as stated in Deuteronomy 16:17, “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee.

By November 30, 1980, over $100,000.00 in pledges had been turned in.  Many businessmen and individuals in Muenster also contributed substantially to the building program and their help was greatly appreciated.  By June 15, 1981, the new church was completed.

In the next few months, a major remodeling program was carried out in the old church building by the church members themselves.  Accomplishments included: lowering the ceiling in the old auditorium and converting in to a fellowship hall, establishment of a kitchen, and enlarging and remodeling the nursery and old Sunday School rooms.

On May 6, 1982, an opportunity arose to purchase the adjoining lot between the church property and Highway 82.  As this would provide an area for additional parking as well as for future expansion if it ever became necessary, the church voted to purchase this property.  It was therefore necessary to obtain an additional loan and an extension of the original loan.  The final payment was made on April 17, 1985.  Thus the work of God, as found in Nehemiah 2:20, was fulfilled: “The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we His servants will arise and build.

The present building (photo taken April 25, 2008)

Under the leadership of Tom Hall from 1984 to 1986, the church was able to pay the loan off for the new sanctuary.  We also began a parsonage fund for future hopes of building a parsonage for the pastor.

From 1986 to 1997, Steve Pearson lead the church to begin to minister to the community through youth events, concerts and revivals.  The church also has had as one of its greatest priorities the yearly Vacation Bible School, and, in 1988, it had an enrollment of 116 children.  The church is experiencing growth within its fellowship.  In recent years, many people have joined us in fellowship with the Lord.  Amen!

God’s men in Muenster:
1942-1943 – Rev. J.C. Neeves
1943-1944 – Rev. J.R. Lawson
1944-1945 – Rev. Bro. Evans
1945-1947 – Rev. Calvin Dennis
1947-1948 – Rev. J. Bullard
1948-1951 – Rev. Ben Bedford
1952-1952 – Rev. Fred Stump
1952-1952 – Rev. Bro. Myers
1952-1954 – Rev. Andy Stowe
1954-1955 – Rev. Bro. Moody
1955-1956 – Rev. Pettijohn
1956-1958 – Rev. Billy Whitt
1958-1960 – Rev. Cougar
1961-1962 – Rev. Don Hakeft
1962-1964 – Rev. Harry Nowland
1964-1966 – Rev. John Culpepper
1967-1968 – Rev. Larry Taylor
1968-1970 – Rev. John Brooks
1970-1973 – Rev. Bill Hatler
1973-1974 – Rev. Bill Goodwin
1974-1975 – Rev. Tommy Brisco
1976-1978 – Rev. Rick Cox
1979-1984 – Rev. Keith Thomas
1984-1986 – Rev. Tom Hall
1986-1988 – Rev. Steve Pearson
1989-1991 – Rev. Chuck Frazier
1991-1994 – Rev. Andy Cherry
1997-2006 – Rev. Bill Ledbetter
2007-Present – Rev. Ralph Gourley

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